Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lose 10 Pounds with These Diet Techniques You Can Do Everyday (part 2 of 2)

Self-affirmation is also important during diets. This helps you create a positive mindset and motivates you to success in losing weight. Everyday you wake up, don’t forget to tell yourself that you can lose weight and you will succeed.

Go Mediterranean

A Mediterranean diet has been known to provide a lot of helpful benefits because the cuisine incorporates a lot of healthy dishes sans the butter and margarine. Make it a point in your eating habits to include any Mediterranean dish you can cook. There are several easy-to-do dishes that provide tons of health and weight loss benefits.

In addition, instead of using fat-filled condiments opt for spicy flavorings. Spicy flavorings are known to possess satiating qualities. In fact, some of them, especially hot chili, contain vitamins and minerals that promote weight loss as well as boost the immune system. Next time you dine out, choose restaurants that are known for their Mediterranean dishes or simply opt for salsa instead of mayonnaise for your dish.

Limit Your Time Eating With Friends

This can be tough and quite contradictory to some diet tips saying that you need people around you for a successful weight. In reality, you still need those people for morale support just don’t take them with you at the table. Recent studies show that we are likely to eat more than usual when we are in the presence of a group or eating out within a group.

This is simply because we tend to spend more time at the table when we are in a group. To fight this, use the time you spend after chewing for talking. This can definitely cut down the food you eat and make you eat slower. This is one of the diet techniques you can do everyday that saves you tons of calories.

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